Saturday, March 3, 2007


SURVIVED- Prime Minister Prodi of Italy. The President of the Republic refused his resignation and instead forced him to undergo a new vote of confidence in the parliament. They voted to keep him in office. 162 to 157 in the Senate and 342 to 253 in the House of Deputies.

RE-ELECTED- Abdoulaye Wade, the President of Senegal was re-elected on Sunday with 55% of the vote. Senegal is one of Africa's more stable nations with a fairly functional democracy. It's the only country on the continent to never have experienced a military coup.

GRUDGINGLY RE-APPOINTED- another new prime minister in the republic of Gueina. As noted in a previous post, the unions had been demanding the President appoint a strong, independent PM to institute a greater "check" on executive power in the Gueinean government. The president tried to install some hack politician, but the unions continued their protests, even after martial law was imposed. The President blinked first, and has now appointed the respected diplomat Lansana Kouyate as PM. He vows to be an effective administrator.

BEATIFIED- Well, not quite, but evidently the Tanzanian branch of the Roman Catholic Church has been pressing for Pope Benedict to beatify the late president of Tanzania, Julius Nyerere. Beatification of course being step one on the status to full-on sainthood. Nyerere was one of Africa's first post-colonial presidents and is admired throughout the continent as an inspiring symbol of nationalism and independence. In a poll on the "greatest Africans of all time" he was ranked number four.

President Nyerere was a humble and strongly religious man, but he was also a socialist dictator who badly mismanaged his nation's economy and repressed political freedom. But by African standards his rule was downright pleasant, hence the movement to sanctify him.

The last head of state to be beatified was the late Emperor of Austria-Hungary, Karl the First (1916-1918). Pope John Paul praised him for his commitment to securing peace in the First World War.

The late Governor General of Canada, Georges Vanier, is another Head of State who has been proposed for beatification. He was a heroic soldier who fought in the First World War and then later served as a European diplomat in WW2. He tried to encourage his country to accept fleeing Jewish refugees from Europe when most of the Canadian government was strongly against such an idea. I hope he gets beatified before Nyerere.


Anonymous said...

Ex-German colony Tanganyika's black Nyerere could be beatified by the German pope!!!

Anonymous said...

OK Tanzanian Roman Catholic Church!But what about the close cooperation of Nyerere with strongly atheist Soviet Union,Red China,North Korea,East Germany/DDR/,Ceausescu's Sosialist Romania,Tito's Yugoslavia,Communist Cuba!!!May be there is any reason why Nyerere cooperates with the enemies of religion