Sunday, April 8, 2007

Qatar Politics

On the 3rd of April the Emir of Qatar, Hamid Al-Thani, accepted the resignation of his prime minister and appointed a new one. It's not a very interesting story.

What is interesting, however, is to observe just what a ragingly nepotistic government they have in that country. See if you can spot a trend:


1949-1960...... Ali Al-Thani
1960-1972...... Ahmad Al-Thani
1972-1995...... Khalifah Al-Thani
1995- present...... Hamad Al-Thani


1970-1995...... Khalifah Al-Thani
1995-1996...... Hamad Al-Thani
1996-2007...... Abdullah Al-Thani
2007- present...... Hamad J. Al-Thani


Deputy Prime Minister...... Hamid J. Al-Thani
Minister of Communications...... Ahman Al-Thani
Minister of Defense...... Hamid K. Al-Thani
Minister of Foreign Affairs...... Hamad J. Al-Thani
Minister of the Interior...... Abdullah Al-Thani
Minister of Agriculture...... Abdul Al-Thani


Anonymous said...

Talk about the family business ...

Ricardo said...

Wow! I can't believe all those different people have such similar names!

iod said...

You should remember that Qatar, like most Arab countries, is a tribal society, and is led by a single tribe. It is not uncommon for the entire tribe to share a family name (and the individuals are distinguished by their father's or first son's name).
So this isn't nepotism in the Western sense - we're not really talking about a single family but an entire "hamula" (tribe) made up of thousands of people, which forms a sort of "ruling class".

That said, they're hardly a democracy, of course.

Anonymous said...

hmm I think I'm seeing a trend

Furius said...

It seems Prime minister and Emir were the same position for much of that list?

Anonymous said...

Either the Emir and the PM are the same person from about 1970 on, or they really need to think of some new names in that country.

Actually, whether or not the Emir and the PM are the same person, they still need to think of some new names.

Anonymous said...

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