Saturday, June 9, 2007

Prime Ministers Round-up

Time for another edition of "Prime Ministers Round-up" where we look at the various inconsequential men who have recently become powerless prime ministers of their nations.

Prime Minister Paramanga Ernest Yonli of the Republic of Burkina Faso resigned on June 3. The move came a day after parliamentary elections in that country dealt a blow to his party's standings, and increased the standings of the ruling "Democracy and Progress" party. I am not sure how Mr. Yonli became Prime Minister in the first place, but he'd been in power since 2000.

On June 4 the longer-reigning President of Burkina Faso appointed the nation's Ambassador to the United States, His Excellency Tertius Zongo, as the new prime minister. According to the Associated Press:
The decree appointing Zongo as prime minister, read on national television, provided no further information.

On June 7 Seyni Oumarou became Prime Minister of Niger. The old Prime Minister, Hama Amadou, was impeached by a non-confidence motion in the parliament on August 31. Mr. Amadou's government was accused of embezzling millions of dollars from the education budget to line the pockets of certain cabinet ministers. So he had to go.

The parliament then put forward a list of names for possible replacements, and the President of Niger appointed his favorite, who turned out to be Mr. Oumarou, the former "minister of equipment." I wonder what such a minister does..

Lastly, in an event I should have recorded much earlier, the Prime Minister of the Caribbean isle of St. Luca, Sir John Compton, had a heart attack in May sometime, and was hospitalized in New York City. Stephenson King, the Deputy PM, has been acting Prime Minister ever since. It's quite sad, because Mr. Compton was only elected in December, so he hasn't had a chance to do much.

That's all I can report for now, unfortunately.


Anonymous said...

Sir John has been around for a long, LONG time (since before Saint Lucia's independence), so he's had plenty of accomplishments in the past.

Simon Roberts said...

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